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Travel Insurance

Who doesn't wish to travel abroad and revel in the sights and sounds of a new culture? While international travel is no longer a difficult task, it is always wise to ensure a hassle-free trip with international travel insurance. International travel insurance takes care of financial woes that might arise due to health concerns, lost baggage, lost passports, and other unforeseen circumstances during your travel.

For non-frequent fliers, the best option is to go for Single Trip travel insurance as you can select your travel duration, maximum up to 180 days. Good Life tours and Travels offers one of the best international travel insurance with added benefits. Our Single Trip travel insurance policy takes care of eventualities, including: Canceled trip or other disruptions caused. Loss of travel baggage, travel documents, and personal belongings. Cash assistance in case of an emergency. Home burglary when you are away. Personal liability cover. Emergency evacuation in case of political turmoil. Risk coverage in case of hijacking. Please refer the policy wordings for complete terms and conditions.

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